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Clifton Translations Is Your Professional International Go-To Team

Backed by more than 15 years of experience of successfully managing localization and translation projects, we only engage reputable and highly experienced linguists.

Our teams of competent linguistic professionals - across all disciplines - have unquestionable expertise and integrity.

We are uncompromising when it comes to maintaining the highest level of international standards for localization and translation projects for you and your global customers.

Our partnerships with major global localization and translation organizations will provide you with an unsurpassable localization and translation experience.

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Global Network of Professionals

Clifton Translations has access to more than 2000 highly competent linguistic, localization and trans-creation specialists worldwide.

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  • Who have a proven track record of being able to translate beyond mere words and thus adapt content to meet the needs and aspirations of the target market.
  • Whose integrity and knowledge in a specialized discipline is unquestionable.
  • Who have passed a thorough screening process.
  • Who pay absolute attention to detail and who employ superior levels of Quality Assurance over their own output.
  • Who will localize seemingly insignificant details - such as date and time formats, units of measure and currency - to fully comply with the local target market.
  • Who have signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

Utilization of Translation and DTP software - such as Déjà vu, InDesign, LocStudio, MemoQ, Omega, Passolo, SDL Trados and Studio - further enhances our offering to you.

Our 24/7 Customer Support team is ready and waiting to serve you. ... We make our most skilled project managers available to speak with you when you need them.

Human Translation Services

At Clifton Translations we take pride in ensuring your business success globally. In order to meet your business objectives in global markets, localizing your market effectively is our top priority, irrespective of where it may be in the world.

Clifton Translations has a proven track record of localization that surpasses the translation of mere words. We adapt content to meet the cultural, business and customer needs of your target market. Our highly proficient local, bi- or multi-, linguists are backed by cutting-edge technology and partnerships with world leaders in translation.

Utilization of Translation and DTP software - such as Déjà vu, InDesign, LocStudio, MemoQ, Omega, Passolo, SDL Trados and Studio - further enhances our offering to you.


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Available Languages

The languages we currently support include, but are not limited to:


Afar ~ Afrikaans ~ Amharic ~ Fulani ~ Fula ~ Hausa ~ Igbo ~ Kinyarwanda ~ Kirundi ~ Lingala ~ Oromo ~ Sesotho ~ Swahili ~ Tigrinya ~ Twi ~ Wolof ~ Xhosa ~ Yoruba ~ Zulu


Danish ~ Dutch ~ French ~ Italian ~ Spanish

Middle Eastern

Arabic ~ Farsi ~ Hebrew ~ Turkish


Chinese ~ Dari ~ Japanese ~ Kurdish ~ Pashto ~ Thai ~ Urdu

Join our Translator Community

Due to the size of our customer base, Clifton Translations is always in need of additional expert linguists. Should you be interested in being added to our linguist database, and believe you meet the following criteria, please visit our Translators webpage.

  • Clifton Translations - has allowed me to find a passion for a new career and the ability to work from home at times that suit me while spending quality time with my Kids.

    Lewis Razer - Germany

  • Clifton Translations– I am a recently retired mechanical engineer. The intellectual void and sense of loss I experienced after retiring was devastating. Now that I am a Clifton Translations translator, I am able to ease into retirement and supplement my pension simultaneously.

    Nan Kanokwan - Thailand

  • Clifton Translations provides me with opportunities to work from the comfort of my own home and schedule my work around my daily routine.

    Helen Parker - USA

  • Clifton Translations enables me to earn money by working at night while still being able to be in contact with my project team if needed.

    Abebe Methlekoa - Ethiopia

  • Clifton Translations project team managers are always available and willing to offer me guidance and support where needed. Thank you.

    Raouf Gaser - Lebanon

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